Secondary Packaging

When putting together a gift set you will more than likely be looking to house the set in a box or bag to complete the gift offering. These boxes and bags are secondary packaging. Whether a rigid paper over board gift box or a specially customised makeup bag. This type of packaging can be designed to fit your product set exactly complimenting your brand. Secondary packaging doesn’t have to consist of just a gift box or bag, it can be anything secondary to your actual product. For example this could be a tin, folding carton or protective case.

Katherine Daniels

For a new coloured lip balm launch Marber designed a practical but also luxurious looking lip balm case. This packaging was custom designed with a handy mirror inside for easy application when out and about. After sampling 2 different outer materials a PU ‘leather look’ paper was chosen as it could be wiped clean and had a high end luxury feel. To finish off the case the logo was foil blocked to the lid so the white logo stood out proud on the black background.