Seasonal Gift Packaging

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. These occasions are prime time for creating gorgeous gift offerings. Glitter for Christmas, red for Valentine’s, floral patterns for Mother’s Day, there are lots of design options. Marber offers a complete service from packaging concept creation to gift with purchase (GWP) ideas right through to delivery of the finished goods. With a full understanding that timing is key when producing seasonal gifts Marber project manages meticulously to achieve your delivery schedule.

Ila spa

Crackers are synonymous with the Christmas period which explains why they are a new favourite when developing Christmas packaging. They look impressive and are exciting to open. Produced from folding box board to fit the product set and printed both sides with twist ends for closure. As a finishing touch two pre-cut lengths of metallic gold ribbon were tied around each end. To differentiate the two gift sets being offered the order quantity was split over two artwork designs, one white and the other blue.