Retail Packaging

Marber has the expertise to produce packaging fit for retail shelves making sure that all legal info is visible and barcodes are clear. Retail packaging should be functional and practical whilst representing the brand image and protecting the product inside. Fitments are usually required to hold the product straight and in place to ensure maximum on shelf appeal. Make the packaging striking and unique by experimenting with materials, patterns, textures and artwork print.

GP Nutrition

Luxury was key when creating this product packaging for a range of nutritional supplements. High quality paper over board boxes were designed with deep lift off lids and metallic print features. The box packaging was developed to fit around 4 different products in 14 day or 28 day sets. The sampling process was really important in this project as it allowed the client to test the packaging with the products to ensure a perfect fit before mass production. The deep lift off lid added to the luxury feel of the box making it strong and sturdy. A simple card fitment in these boxes split the product up so the end user knew how many sachets to consume within a certain time period.

Pierre Fabre

A fully printed carton box was required to house 3 products for a gift set. With a window to the front panel made as large as possible. The card fitment was designed to hold the products upright but at the same time be discreet and near on invisible. Plain white samples were produced with varying fitment designs for the client to test and review. The pattern printed onto the packaging gave the boxes the look of a hamper and a charming tag detail allows end users to write who the gift is to and from.