Luxury Gifting

Premium brands require added luxury and finesse to their gifting and packaging. Whether that is using real leather material for a luxurious wash bag, or a wooden box for presenting products to special cosmetic brushes and personalised gifts. The end user wants to feel valued and appreciated so this should be translated through the packaging. The packaging is usually what the customer sees before the product so it should be just as special and almost become a part of the product. By using quality materials and expert factories Marber can create high end packaging and gifting items your customer’s will cherish.

Cosmetic Brushes

A specialised brush is a very luxurious item to be gifted in conjunction with a colour cosmetics or skincare brand. The brushes can be designed to your specific requirements such as the popular flat headed brush for foundation to adding a spatula on the end for use with a face mask. Marber can create a unique brush especially for your brand. Wherever possible it is recommended that clients use synthetic hair with their brushes. The quality of the synthetic hair is so close to that of real hair that it is hard to tell them apart. Develop a range of brushes and a brush pot, brush belt or custom made travel pouch to complete the luxury gift offering.

Personalised Bauble

Thinking outside of the box and gifting something special will get you noticed. A luxury handmade bauble complete with laser cut name inside is a beautiful gift that everyone would treasure. Personalised gifts are very popular and create an instant bond with brand and end user. Be it a bauble, notebook, compact mirror or cosmetic brush Marber can develop the right gift for your brand. The name can be etched, embossed or foiled onto the gift along with your branding.